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Career paths in anthropology are diverse and plentiful.

Students with a degree in anthropology can work in a wide variety of areas owing to their excellent abilities to conduct research collaboratively with peers, their analytic, problem solving and communication skills, as well as their familiarity with real-world issues of cultural diversity and globalization, such as:. Ammon School of Education. Toggle navigation The Good Universities Guide. How to become a Anthropologist. You The Job The Facts Related Courses Personal requirements of a Anthropologist Capacity for detailed observation and accurate practical work Able to work independently Enthusiasm for research Good oral and written communication skills Sensitive to other people and cultures.

Additional Information In collecting information about a society, anthropologists may have to learn another language.

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Working conditions for a Anthropologist An anthropologist's main research method is long-term fieldwork, which involves living with the people being studied and learning through participation in activities, often under difficult conditions. Employment Opportunities for a Anthropologist The major employers of anthropologists are universities, museums and government departments concerned with Aboriginal welfare and Native Title, immigration and ethnic affairs, multiculturalism and social services.

Specialisations: Applied Anthropologist An applied anthropologist may work in areas such as social policy and planning, social impact assessment, conservation, advocacy, community development, women and development, cultural resource management, land claims and social justice.

Career Paths in Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropologist A linguistic anthropologist studies the evolution, structure, history and function of languages, and how they influence, or are influenced by, other aspects of social life. Future growth: Moderate. Hours worked: Unemployment: Higher unemployment.

Gender split: Male Education level: Highest qualification is secondary school: Age brackets: - 2. Featured Courses. Related courses.

Job and Internship Opportunities

Diploma 1. Bachelor Degree Pass Graduate Diploma 1. Master Degree By Coursework 1. Master Degree By Research 1. Bachelor Degree Honours 7. Master Degree By Coursework 5.

Career Paths in Anthropology

Graduate Diploma 3. Associate Degree 1. Bachelor Degree Honours 5. Master Degree By Research 2. Graduate Certificate 1. Bachelor Degree Pass 4.


Master Degree By Coursework 2. Bachelor Degree Honours 3. Bachelor Degree Honours 1. Master Degree By Coursework 7. Master Degree By Research 3. Bachelor Degree Pass 6. Bachelor Degree Pass 1. Personal requirements of a Anthropologist Capacity for detailed observation and accurate practical work Able to work independently Enthusiasm for research Good oral and written communication skills Sensitive to other people and cultures. The Job.

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Search assistant Let us save you some time and get you to a page that matters most. Many anthropology alumni have established careers in primary, secondary and higher education, as teachers, professors, researchers and academic advisers and counselors. Career opportunities in academia for anthropology alumni include positions in various university programs or departments, including:.

The perspective that anthropologists can lend to corporate management teams is valued. Career opportunities include:. A Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology provides a holistic approach to pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary training; it also provides the educational background for further training in the health professions, biological and evolutionary sciences, and forensic investigation. Students that focus on biological processes in Anthropology will be well-prepared to enter advanced training programs in the following fields:.

According to Newsweek Magazine full article , over the past 20 years, social science majors have had an increasing rate of successful admission to medical school, in comparison to their science-major counterparts.

Medical Anthropology Careers

Moreover, students with a broader perspective are now in demand by health professions schools nationwide. This article summarizes this trend by saying that "medical educators are looking beyond biology and chemistry majors in the search for more well-rounded students who can be molded into caring and analytic doctors. In addition, the American Association of Medical Colleges notes in a report that, "Health is a product of the interactions among biology, genetics, behavior, relationships, cultures, and environments.

A complete medical education must include, alongside the physical and biological science, the perspectives and findings that flow from the behavioral and social sciences. An emphasis in sociocultural anthropology offers good preparation for numerous public service opportunities, including positions in:. Consult the websites of these professional associations to learn more about careers in anthropology and preparation for graduate school. Want more information about majoring in Anthropology? Visit our advising office. All Rights Reserved.