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I chose ONE tribe Blackfeet fifty years ago and most of what I know comes from first-hand experience. Not bigshots, just whoever was here when I was here, including now. They are:.

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Alcatraz Island in San Francisco pan-tribal. The commune country of northern New Mexico Hopi, Navajo. My own denominational affiliation during this time was Unitarian Universalist.

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I found the UU church in They had suffered major trauma over black and Vietnam issues, but also -- I found after I had entered the UU ministry -- they were mostly progressive, urban, liberal people who could NOT understand Indians except in the most literary terms. Dennis Banks, Russ Redner and Kenneth Loudhawk with others had been arrested while driving a Winnebago loaded with unstable nitroglycerine in eastern Oregon.

They were lucky that this happened in a far different political climate. They were released on bail. My sympathies were with them, though I thought driving around in a hot climate with a load of explosives was pretty ill-advised. In fact, the sheriff of the impounding county was so nervous that he ended up taking it out into the sagebrush and exploding it.

However, Banks was still wanted in connection with the death of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and it was unclear what Oregon would do about extradition to South Dakota. It was certainly clear to the rest of us what South Dakota would do to Banks. Governor Jerry Brown in California would not extradite, so Banks ran for sanctuary. The sympathetic old lady who had put up the sizable bail lost her money, but Deale managed to get her reimbursed through connections within the UUA realm.

Hippies, Indians, and the Fight for Red Power

There were funny blunders in the practicalities. Banks gave a very Vine DeLoria Jr. When I teased the women -- really little more than kids -- their eyes went big for fear that they had broken some rule. There was too much of it for them to eat in a few days and they had no freezer, so what would they do with all that meat?

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They were urban people and I was used to rural culture. Anyway, you might end up living in your truck.

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No fridge. I should have loaded them up with canned food and packaged cookies.

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The other point of connection was parades: every UU dearly loves a demonstration. No one would read this book for the pure adventure of it. I was off the rez between and but being in Portland gave me the chance to attend speeches by prominent NA writers: Erdrich, DeLoria, Welch, Sarris, Alexie, et al. Every summer I went back to Browning where things got more and more tense. Smith begins by examining the salmon wars of the Pacific Northwest, when Natives fought to restore treaty rights to fish along the Columbia River and its tributaries.

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This cross-racial collaboration became a pattern by the late sixties and early seventies. Smith considers the countercultural enthrallment with Indians, and how it transformed into political support for the Alcatraz takeover in , found expression in the back-to-the-land ethos of New Mexico communes, and led to a broader awareness of injustices towards Indians that established critical groundwork for Native activist groups like the American Indian Movement, and flashpoints like the Trail of Broken Treaties in and Wounded Knee the following year.

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