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Provides practical, real-world examples of HTML5 features in action. Will shows which HTML5 features are supported in current browsers.

Examples in Every Chapter

You will learn how to use text, graphics, audio, video, and navigation in HTML5 Web pages running in compatible browsers. With CSS3 Guide by Jason Cranford Teague Aug , readers can start with a tour of the stylesheet language, or skip ahead to any chapter of the book to look up specific tasks covering just what they need to know.

This task-based, visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions, and plenty of screenshots to teach beginning and intermediate users CSS. Part 5: Formatting with CSS. Employing local styles. Making use of ids and classes. Managing levels of CSS. Managing the Appearance of Your Page.

Comprehending hex colors. Editing text. Joining the border patrol. Putting in background images. Using Float Positioning. Getting to know the display types. Having a block party. Floating to a two-column look. Cleaning up the form. Using absolute positioning. Attribute selection. Other new pseudo-classes. Downloadable Fonts and Text Support. Column support. Flexible Box Layout Model. Creating a flexible box layout. Viewing a flexible box layout.

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And now for a little reality. New Visual Elements. Color values.

HTML5 For Dummies® Quick Reference [Book]

Image borders. Rounded corners. Transition animation. Part 7: Changes in JavaScript. Data Options. Achieving offline cache. Local storage. WebSQL database. Miscellaneous New JavaScript Features. Web sockets. Web workers. Part 8: Working with the Canvas. Canvas Basics. Setting up the canvas. Understanding how canvas works.

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Controlling Fill and Stroke Styles. Drawing Essential Shapes. Drawing rectangles. Drawing text. Enhancing shapes with shadows. Drawing More Complex Shapes. Line-drawing options. Making arcs and circles. Read an Excerpt Click to read or download. A bit of ancient history. And the first browser war begins. A new challenger arises from the ashes. HTML 4 was getting old. Server technologies. Looking At Browser Features. Checking for features in your code. Picking a Suitable Browser. Appreciating HTML. Setting up a basic HTML page. Fleshing Out Your Page.

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  7. Adding images. Including links. Making lists and tables. Utilizing tables. Making a Form. Form structure tags. Constructing text input. Creating password fields.

    HTML5 For Dummies Quick Reference

    Erecting a multiline text box. Forming drop-down lists. Making checkboxes. Popping in radio buttons. Putting in action buttons. Validating Your Pages. Semantic Page Elements. Inline Semantic Elements. Media Elements. Ruby Elements.

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    Part 4: New and Modified Form Elements. New Form Elements. New Form Element Attributes. New Form Input Types.

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