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This I one of them. While staying at a camp for a vacation, Nancy and her friends are asked to solve a mystery involving a missing stagecoach that may include a clue to lost treasure. There's a lot of confusing clues, details and people that were hard to follow at times. Some di I grew up reading and collecting the yellow bound s versions of this series.

The Clue In the Old Stagecoach

Some didn't make sense and felt a bit contrived. Fave scene: the bear. In this book Nancy and her friends go to a camp. When they are out driving, they see a stagecoach. Later on, they talk to a woman and she says that she has a great Uncle who owned an old stagecoach with a hidden secret in it that could be very valuable and it could help make a new school.

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Nancy imminently thinks of the stagecoach that she saw only a few hours earlier. SPOILER the old stagecoach she sees in the beginning is not the one that holds the secret Honestly I didn't like this book to much because there wasn't much adventure in it. Jul 31, Atlanta rated it really liked it. It's Nancy Drew.

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It's easy to read, the characters fall neatly into each their archetype and there's a mystery to be solved! It uses the fairy tale way of story telling, challenges and the heroes coming in groups of 3, and it foreshadows key information early on without it feeling obvious. Maybe not the most mentally challenging book for an adult, but definetly enjoyable when you just want to relax with some tea and escape into a world where young girls can be detectives without risking being shot It's Nancy Drew. Maybe not the most mentally challenging book for an adult, but definetly enjoyable when you just want to relax with some tea and escape into a world where young girls can be detectives without risking being shot most of the time This book was good, a quick read It was kind of slow at the beginning, predictable things happening.

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I will definitely look into rereading it in the future. Jul 14, Alex rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-loved-when-i-was-younger. Another delightful little Nancy Drew re-read. However - who is this Rick Larrabee that Nancy is dating while on vacation?!?! She seems to have more chemistry with Rick in the one week she knows him than she's ever had with Ned. Poor Ned.

Nov 14, Joanna rated it it was amazing. One of my favorite parts of the Nancy Drew books is there's always a section where you get taught something new--in this book it was about stamps. Additionally, I learned that, at least at the time this was written, swimming ballets were a thing. Who knew? Jul 14, Margaret rated it liked it. It was an atypical Nancy Drew Aug 27, Leeanne Garvey rated it really liked it. This was a very exciting Nancy Drew mystery with lots of twists and turns. Jun 23, Kerry rated it really liked it. Pretty interesting cast of characters and scenery.

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Aug 02, IrishFan rated it liked it. I enjoyed this one, and do not remember reading this one when I was younger. They actually had trouble finding clues for this one, which is refreshing. Dec 31, rabbitprincess rated it did not like it Recommended to rabbitprincess by: random library catalogue search.

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Shelves: bibliotheque , While the Old West theme is cute and the idea of towns struggling financially and having to cope with new housing developments and the problems they bring is a timely topic, the mystery itself is solved in a ridiculous way and peopled with caricatures. Two of the bad guys are pointed out right away and are so painfully obvious that they may as well wear signs with neon flashing lights indicating "BAD GUY" on them.

A third is so ridiculously cartoony that I nearly sprained my eyes from rolling them so hard every time he appeared. Also this may be more of a personal annoyance, but the three sleuths Nancy, Bess and George [who is also a girl, in case you're not familiar with the series] are staying at a camp in this book and seeing three guys at the camp when they already have boyfriends! And then when Nancy gets a letter from her REAL boyfriend saying "Hey, I'm going to come to the camp with Bess's and George's boyfriends," there is some discussion about what is going to happen when the two sets of guys meet up with each other, and Nancy just goes "Sometimes these situations just solve themselves.

That is not how life works! Not often, anyway. Of course Nancy and Ned could have an open relationship, but really, you have to wonder how much she actually told Camp Boy about her life back home. And while we're on the subject of boys, it kind of undermines Nancy's brave, independent spirit when she says "It's a good thing the real boyfriends are coming, because I have a hunch that this mystery will get dangerous, and we'll need boys around to help.

I mean fine, wanting backup is a good idea, but that is probably a job for the police and not necessarily boyfriends. Of course I have to remember that this book was originally published in , and therefore even though it annoys me to read about characters saying things like that, it's important not to colour them over with modern attitudes -- it provides a glimpse into past attitudes and perspectives.

That being said, though, I don't think even a chance to talk about current affairs and older perspectives on women's independence is enough to get me to recommend this book. The mystery itself is not particularly exciting, written in a very connect-the-dots manner. There are better books in the series. View 2 comments. Mar 08, Tabi34 rated it liked it Shelves: nancy-drew. Nancy is a hussy! That's right, I said it. I have suspected all along that she was only toying with Ned Nickerson's affection and in this book, it was confirmed. Nancy and her chums - Bess and George, are on vacation at a lodge.

How very swank s I wish I could afford to go off to a resort for the summer in my convertible. Anyway, while they are there, they hang out with three boys not their usual dates.

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At one point, Ned calls and says he and Burt and Dave are coming to visit. Bess says so Nancy is a hussy! Bess says something to Nancy about this as Nancy has been very chummy with one boy named Rick. They have been dancing together, taking moonlight walks that don't involve discussing a case.

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In reply to Bess, Nancy says something like oh never mind, it will all work out. So is she hoping that good old Ned will find out? Or does she know that Rick will leave just before Ned arrives which he does - luckily for Nancy who can keep Ned in the dark about her other men and he will still be her lackey. Wow I'm being snarky today towards Nancy. The story unfolds, with Nancy stumbling onto yet another mystery.

This one I didn't feel was as well written as the others. Maybe in the re-write in the 70s the editors left some scenes out. It just didn't seem to flow.

Nancy Drew Book 41: The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

I never really got caught up in the story - not like some of the previous ones.